Business Solutions

Grande Milk Marketing is committed to investing in your future. That's why we've developed a variety of valuable programs to help you and your dairy succeed:

Verified Premium Plus (VPP) Program
Grande partners with Dairy Quality Center (DQ Center) to offer a quality assurance program that evaluates and certifies a dairy’s best management practices. The VPP program assures consumers that optimum quality and sustainability of the dairy based on the independent audit of the operation’s performance in the categories of dairy animal care, environmental stewardship/sustainability, personnel development and utilization, milk quality and safety, pathogen management, and dairy beef safety and quality.

Risk Management Program
Dairy farmers operate in an environment of increasing milk price volatility, and these fluctuations present ongoing risk. With our Risk Management Program, Grande provides more control over when, and at what level, to price future milk production. That means you’re better equipped to manage your risk, long-term profitability and sustainability. Pricing strategies include fixed forward price, minimum cash price, minimum/maximum price (collar/fence), and covered fix forward price.

Milk Management Assistance Program (MMAP®)
Grande’s Milk Management Assistance Program, or MMAP™, is designed to help our Producer Dairy Farms achieve their long-term profitability and sustainability goals. Vital information gathered during on-farm evaluations is used to optimize milk quality and safety, ensure animal comfort, and improve overall dairy quality.